Thursday, February 8, 2007

"Hates Travelling"

I am discovering that people generally don't like the same things, city-wise, as I do, and I feel even further removed from Moroccan culture as a self-declared bad hostess. I think the Kashmiri tactic is to cook as much food as possible in order to either satiate or stupify your guests so they are not even aware that they aren't having fun.

The tangoaua* wind is fierce tonight, and I am half-certain the glass in my window will crack and burst into a frenzy of blinding shards while I am asleep, and the-other-half-certain that the window will swing open and let the tornadoing dust and flying animals into my bedroom.
*(wind sounds feminine)

Today a boy at the American School told me that some girls wear hijab only to please their parents.
"They get in the taxi looking like a ninja, and get out looking like the devil."
This particular boy claimed that he did not like the fashions of many modern girls. He excused himself for using the word ugly, because he just could not think of the word he wanted to say in English.
As always, I wonder how many times I will misinterpret people who are speaking English because of these limitations. It is not difficult to understand the gist of what a person is saying, but when specific words hold so much meaning, it makes me skeptical of conducting interviews in non-native languages.

In any case, he advised that I visit every city in Morocco, to get a wide range of experiences. Good thing I love trains.

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