Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Hundred Billion of them

243 postcards in real color for Georges Perec

Many years ago I decided that I need to marry a mathematician some day, then forgot about it.
Back in '97 I was doing some sort of project about biology and poetry which led to an obsession with Rachel Carson and to a conversation with my math teacher where she explained her conviction that MATH IS POETRY. It made sense if you focus on the rhythm of the words instead of the rhythm of Mrs. White's stomps across the Math extra help office which we could hear from the other end of the hall because our high school was a social experiment of the '70s and had no walls.

A section of "Life A User's Manual" is a description of 243 postcards for Italo Calvino. Perec writes like a catalogue with lists and lipograms, because he was also an archivist. I have decided to be inspired.

One hundred million million poems on index cards,
dirty from being handled by the postal service and read by the postal workers.

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