Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Failure and Doom

Failure and Doom

I was more stable than a penguin,
but now?
I have no idea and no ideas.
The history of warfare?
I think for a moment that I am watching a fly giving birth
but it is actually becoming human-
I suspect my character is being replaced with a younger, more interesting body.

And then,
from across the death-straight, exploding into a flame of Spanish glitter,
a purplish lump on the flat blue sea:

It was Africa, looming
thick lips and hips
if I wasn’t Arab yet, I was getting there,
forging through
a messy cloud of dead black hair
makes a cloak and shrouds my old name
with a new name.

The view was reminiscent of history
and sparse plant life,
mental deterioration based on weather conditions,
and spider habits-
running after me like a bunch of creeps.

'came home with a fat lip
and a heavy heart.
yellow yellow
yellow and yellow-
black and blue-
then red then green-
readjust my national flag doorag-
and then I had to confess-
I was posing as an Arab.

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