Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have been watching CNN without sound for hours, trying to figure out what is going on. I see some Muslims. And some white people. And some yelling matches. Then the journalist steps in. Oh Christiane, there you are. The hot desert heat makes her glow like an angel, but she seems to bear some bad tidings for her viewers back home. The concerned, questioning face I have come to wake up to after days of only getting CNN international on our satellite:" tell me, confide in me. I am only here to tell your story. I come in peace." She does look somewhat alien and pale against the non-skin of the bundled up men and women behind her.
Based on previous experiences with CNN in which I knew how to turn the volume on, I know that she is the same journalist that always manages to get her subjects to say, "well, you know, that's really just a stupid question..." and CNN always includes it in the interview anyway. Soliciting that response once or twice would be normal, I suppose, but she gets it every time.
But she's still pumping away, turnin' her tricks out there in that illusive, purplish blob on the map, the "Middle East."
Anyway, the image that nudged me to blaaahg was of a man with a veiled face (or woman? Couldnt tell, but I think man) and a computer printed sign that said,

"Jesus loves the Muslims, Why don't You?"

I'll add that to my list of t-shirt slogans.

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