Monday, September 7, 2009

حومة (sp?)

In a desperate attempt to make time self-destruct in the last two hours and twelve minutes of daylight, I decided to explore the hood. The best part of moving is the getting-to-know-you part. Finding little spots and seeing the local kids and thinking about what their life is like now and if they will remember it this way when they're older. Then finding the little restaurants where normal people go and wondering if I will disrupt the rhythm of things if I went there to in a pathetic attempt at being nostalgic for something I never experienced.

It is not the same as regret, because it is not something I knew I could have been doing.

Anyway, the rhythms of these places are too ingrained to be disrupted. That's why I feel safe here. I know I could do whatever damage I want and it wouldn't matter. Its nature is to be disrupted.  Nothing every changes. It is this way with Tangier and with Buffalo. These are my only two homes, so maybe everything is like that and I've just been giving them too much credit. But it's not just me. I know that much. I've read it in somebody else's book too.

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Sarah Alaoui said...

the sta7 in a home is such a magical place in my opinion.