Sunday, December 20, 2009



١. Climate // CALAMITY

The accent led her to take these two words as the same word and she
developed metaphors around their being
the same thing and would talk about the wisdom in that thing of
their being the same thing.

Then using the words SHE and HER became something SENTIMENTAL and I had to stop using them.
I started using quotations because it makes it more "alive."

ب. GHEE:

"At the end put in more ghee: put some more ghee and it makes it better. Makes it tasty."
Mom sent me two bags of halva and encouraged me to have a tea party.

ج. Heaven and Fruit: usually you don't bother with the fruits you've never heard of anyway.

"We drink beer here because we won't have it there..." sung to the tune of a song I've never heard.
How do we know what's there?
Do women get virgins too?
Why would we want them?
Do we get to be the virgins? Is this really how it works?

4. WHITE: the medication makes you painfully sensitive to light.

The starchy white pages of the books we bought from the Islamic Bazaar, vibrating text
printed twice over but not in the same exact spot
makes for fat words talking about hell and insects and occasionally heaven and fruit.

5. In HELL: I was promised a way out.

"If you picture yourself in hell, you'll just snap out of it."

6. Capital letters are the start of something: sometimes when things aren’t moving
forward it gives you time to deal with the old things.

7. Periods are the ends of things: at a girl's first period she stops wearing shorts.

She attends her first and last baseball game with her brother's boyscout troop. She beats them all at bowling.

8. The TRICK: A pinch of baking powder!

9. One HEEL: in the middle of the floor like a dead mouse.

10. One BOOT: with a cockroach in it waiting to give me a surprise party.

They won't send you flowers on your birthday but it was fun anyway.

11. TO BOOT: he reappears within days because I set him free.

12. TWO BOOTS: with little mice in them waiting for me to step on them.

But maybe I only imagined it.

13. MOVING THINGS: those people on the subway that don't hold on to anything.

Some day I will yell at all of them at the same time.

14. The First Moving Thing: moving and shaking makes something out of nothing.

And THAT, habibti,
is where babies come from.

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